Connie Harvey, Orangeville NSW

Thank you for my second pair of Snazzy Baby knee pads! My little daughter goes everywhere in them and now I have the comfort in the knowledge that her poor little knees aren’t too sore. If all parents of the 6-12 month age group got down on their hands and knees for only 15 minutes (in one session) they would soon appreciate the major discomfort to their precious babes and would surely welcome such a sensible purchase. With the emphasis these days on allergy friendly flooring (non carpet) and our summer babies aren’t wearing fleecy pants to protect the knees. This is a wonderful product and on behalf of Brontie I thank you for it. I will make it my purchase choice for every new baby born that I buy for, and like my recent purchase even a christening present!. I’m sure God would support the product that ensures prayer on your knees most comfortable!!!


Carmen Smith, Rydalmere NSW

Hi, I ordered the strawberry knee pads. I just wanted to let you know that they are great. I’m really glad that I bought them and my little girl loves them too!. I’ve told a lot of people about them too, and they also think they are a great idea!


Hayden & Michelle Inwood, Craigmore South Australia

This is just a quick email to let you know how our daughter Olivia is going with the knee pads. Our house has a fair bit of vinyl flooring and at her Grandmother’s house it is mostly tiles. The knee pads are fantastic as she can now crawl where ever she likes. Before we could only let her crawl on the floor for a little while as her knees would become quite sore and visibly red. This was upsetting for her as she is a very active child and is always on the go. It took her a moment to get used to the pads but now she loves them and her knees are a lot better off. I have enclosed some photos of her and as you can see she is very happy with them.


Sheree Murphy, Lambton Australia

Thank you so much I received the knee pads today. How great they are! My son crawled around outside on the concrete for a couple of hours and he was trying to work out how come his knees were not sore! He usually crawled on the concrete with his knees up, but not today. I will let you know in a couple of weeks also how he is going. Thanks again, I will be sure to mention these to my friends as they are very reasonable in price also.


Marceena Argus, Bracken Ridge Queensland

Thank you for your prompt delivery of the knee pads. My baby is 10 months old and loves to crawl EVERYWHERE. I was initially hesitant to buy her knee pads because I thought she might take them off, not be able to crawl properly or they would make her feel uncomfortable. However, from the moment I put them on she acted like she didn’t even notice she was wearing them and took off down the hallway, smiling and joking around. The knee pads feel super soft and my baby obviously loves them! I’m glad I gave the knee pads a go. A great product.

Leah Cohen, New York USA

Today the knee pads arrived!!!!!!!!! I was shocked at how fast they came!!!!!! My son, Ari loves them he thinks they’re funny and he laughs when he wears them. He gets such a kick out of it. On my side I had peace of mind today knowing his knees were protected. Thank you so much for sending them out so fast. They have truly made such a difference for Ari and for me. It just gave him a little more of independence!


Amanda Zanatta, Diamond Creek Victoria

Thanks so much for my baby knee pads they are brilliant!!! My bubs hasn’t started crawling yet properly but I got them so when he does he can happily slide around the slate floor of our house. Thanks so much!