How to Travel Calmly with a Newborn to Eight Month Old Baby

Travelling with a young infant can be fun but requires some preparation.

Your travel life needn’t grind to a halt just because you’ve become a parent. The reality is much of your trip will be spent soothing and entertaining your baby. Those days of dreamily staring out the window and taking in the passing scene have long gone. But while travel will never be the same, it has incredible benefits too. You may discover that the world is a much friendlier place and there is no easier way to meet people when you have a baby in your arms.

If you are flying check with your airline about availability of bassinets as you should book it at the time you make your bookings otherwise you will need to hold your baby in your arms. If you plan to use a car seat you will need to reserve and purchase a separate seat and receive pre-approval for your device at least 24 hours before departure.

Some tips to help things go smoothly for you-

  • Be flexible – in your planning, and scheduling of flights, car journeys etc and be prepared to take it nice and easy – allow plenty of time between connections or getting to your destination and you’ll then enjoy this whole new dimension to your travel experiences. The last thing you need is pressure
  • Select the right travel gear – this will certainly help keep your journey run smoothly. We will discuss this in more detail in a future video however the first item to consider is a baby carrier or sling which is such an ideal way to carry your baby as you need to be hands free to grab passports, tickets or go through Security. Second item to consider is a light weight stroller to use at the airport or train station without fear of having to hand it in at Check In
  • Start to make a list of what you will need to take for your baby – also include loved toys, rattles etc

How to Travel Calmly with a Newborn to Eight Month Old Baby:


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