Yanira Cruz, Puerto Rico

I received the knee pads yesterday and we all love them. My son was curious first, but then he was crawling all around the house. No red knees, no crying and a lot of crawling speeding. Thank you so much for a great product! I will recommend it. I’m sure his therapists will love the knee pads too!


Corina Lye, Muswellbrook NSW

My little boy, Cooper (9 months), has adjusted well to wearing the knee pads. At first he was fascinated by them and kept trying to play with them but now he doesn’t mind them at all and he seems to understand that if he wants to explore outside with us, he must have them on. There seems to be so many baby items out there and some may be a good concept but they just don’t seem to work in reality, but the knee pads are a brilliant product and especially when bubs want to go everywhere on all types of surfaces – they just seem to protect them in a practicable way and are inexpensive.


Tracey Walsh, Hampton Park Victoria

I have tried them on my 9 month old who is currently learning to crawl, and I have noticed a difference. His legs are no longer sliding out from under him and his frustrated tantrums have stopped! He is now propping up on his knees and I’m sure that it won’t be long before he’s scooting all around the house without worrying about our timber floor!


Monica Brown, Tiwi Islands Australia

I found the cuddler very easy to use, not so complicated like some other carriers on the market. My husband doesn’t even mind using it. He took our son for a walk in it and when they came back my son was sound asleep! I guess that proves how comfortable it was as he doesn’t normally fall asleep when carried upright. Thanks for a great product.


Lynne Skivington, Edinburgh Scotland

Just received the knee pads, they are fantastic!!! Can’t wait to get them on Kate!!! Brilliant idea, and well made. Thank God for the wonder of the internet and being able to buy them, as have tried here in Scotland and the rest of the UK, but found nothing as good as Snazzy Baby!!!


Shelley Takasato, California USA

We received the knee pads and love them. Our whole house is hardwood and when my son, Devan started crawling he would do one leg kind of like a crab because I think it hurt to crawl on his knees. The pads are great but also allowed him to speed through the house so I’m doing a lot of running around now. That’s okay, as long as he enjoys himself.


Alexandra Wilson, Shepparton Victoria

The items arrived today. Thanks soooo much!!! I love them. My little boy (just turned 1) has been wearing the knee pads all day. I really thought he would try and take them off, but he doesn’t and his little knees aren’t red like they normally are. I love the size of the Mat too. I already had one, but it wasn’t anywhere near big enough. Thanks for getting these great products out there at a great price.


Lou Fergusson, Sydney Australia

The Knee Pads are fantastic. My little boy just loves crawling in them and thinks they are wonderful. Also as we own 5 after school care centres and I am at them most of the week it is wonderful for him to be able to crawl around on the floor and I am not so worried if he gets anything caught in his knees. I have had a lot of comments from parents. I have recommended your web site and the knee pads to everyone I know.