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Award Winning My Baby’s Own Deluxe Travel Chair

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Have you ever experienced the stress of a hungry baby while trying to get their meal ready? Or balancing a fussy baby while on the go? With the Snazzy Baby 4-in-1 Travel Chair you can turn an ordinary chair into a safe high chair restraint or attach your baby to your lap in 30 seconds while still having your hands free to do what you need to like get their bottle or food ready quickly. Snazzy Baby’s Travel Seat: – Attaches to any standard chair – Attaches to YOU as a lap seat for hands-free holding and feeding anywhere you go – Keeps your baby secured to you when flying (cruising portion only) – Adds extra security in shopping trolleys The Snazzy Baby Travel Chair can be used right up until your child is 17 kilos (38lbs) in weight or to 2.5 years. It also comes complete with its own travel bag.  

Product Description

The All Purpose 4 in 1 Travel Seat

Multi-Award Winning!

  • Available Now – Snazzy Baby’s All-Purpose 4 in 1 Travel Seat
  • Attaches to any standard chair
  • Attaches to YOU as a lapseat for hands-free holding and feeding anywhere you go
  • Keeps baby secured to you when flying (cruising portion only)
  • Use in shopping cards for additional security
  • Offers an easy solution as it turns an ordinary chair into a temporary high chair restraint system. No need to worry about the size of the chair.
  • Simple roll up feature of the Travel Chair with its own attached storage bag makes it a truly portable item.
  • Unlike others, the Travel Chair has a Non-slip bottom that grips the surface of any chair allowing your baby to sit comfortably without slipping.
  • Buckle fasteners and four-point restraint are used to keep your baby secure.
  • Special feature for use in shopping carts, keeping your baby in a secure position and preventing any injury while shopping.
  • Attaches to most chairs – even outdoor furniture – with adjustable straps which gives you greater flexibility, and allows your baby to be in a secure and controlled environment.
  • Use from the time your child can sit up unsupported to 17 kilos (37 pounds). Weighs just 180g (7 oz).
  • Moms can sling the Travel Chair over their shoulder or carry in their diaper bag – kids can carry it too!
  • Snazzy Baby products are all designed for easy use and care – simply machine wash and dry naturally.
  • Snazzy Baby’s Award winning products do not contain Azo Dyes, Phthalates or Bisphenol-A and are formaldehyde free.

Available in Black with Cream Trim and I’m A Snazzy Baby logo.

A snapshot of what medical experts are saying about Snazzy Baby’s travel chair include:

“… an exceptional portable infant utility product. The chair design is a well balanced combination of safety, sensory stimulation, and functionality well defined. The chair’s design structure is such that a child is well secured and safely so, with straps that have no apparent sign of potential slippage. The padding is sufficient to provide a comfortable experience for a child while also providing the opportunity for a number of developmental skills to be well stimulated.” – Professor of Pediatrics & Health Sciences, MD, MPH “The Snazzy Baby Deluxe Chair is a product which supports the foundational importance of an infant having support that will not impede their development being anything other than absolute. The manufacturer has done well in designing a product which will function not just a for a very limited infant age/weight group, but has also paid close attention to safety. This product allows an infant to be a part of family dining without major inconvenience … (and) allows parents to be closer to the child while eating with a greater level of control…” – Professor of Behavioral Biology

Snazzy Baby Travel Chair on Toy Man

Over the past year, Snazzy Baby’s travel chair wowed The Toy Man’s testing by consumers and industry experts, bringing home not one but four prestigious awards! Already the winner of both The Toy Man Seal of Approval and The Toy Man eco-Recognition Seal, the Deluxe Travel Chair won The Toy Man Award of Excellence as a product which rises to the very top in their evaluation. Most recently, Snazzy Baby was awarded the eChoice Award because the travel chair doesn’t give the child the uncomfortable feeling of restraint, but does keep them safe. Hence the child can “perform more use of their gross and fine motor skills at a level far greater than many other similar products”. The Toy Man adds, “this distinguished award is exclusive as well as unique, featuring the editor’s signature which represents a product being selected as an “Editor’s Choice”. View now

Travel Chair Instructions for Use

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