Award Winning Creative Baby i-Mat Activity Mat

$99.95 (inc. GST)


We’re so excited the Creative Baby i-Mat was chosen as the Gold Award Winner for Australian Mother & Baby 2013!

The Creative Baby i-Mat will tap into your child’s potential for creative learning. It stimulates, teaches and entertains from the moment your child begins to play.

Teaching your child in 3 languages, the i-Mat features beautiful full colour illustrations, and serves as a fun visual playland!

Name bubbles begin the visual connection between images and their names in both written and spoken words.

Product Description

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The animals of the worlds themed interactive soft foam mat, the i-Mat will tap into every child’s potential for creative learning as it stimulates, teaches and entertains from the moment parents put their child on it. Featuring a full color illustration of animals from around the world, the i-Mat serves as a visual fun playland with dozens of cute animals that babies and toddlers will enjoy looking at and exploring. Name bubbles are included to start the visual connection of words and the names with images.

  • Teaches in 3 Languages: English, Spanish, and Chinese
  • Basic and Advanced Games
  • Real Animal Sounds and Music
  • Teaches Vocabulary and Comprehension
  • Voice Recorder to Capture the Special Moments
  • Comes in a Carrying Box for Easy Travel and Storage

Unique to this play mat is the Voice Pen that brings the i-Mat to life. By touching the pen to the mat, the animals “talk” and songs play. As your child grows, you can begin teaching your child three languages (English, Spanish and Chinese) simply by touching the pen to the image. When your child is old enough to hold the pen and activate the mat, she/he can play learning games on the mat that challenges them to seek things out while they learn about the animals and the world around them. Voice pen features 2G flash memory, MP3 player function, adjustable volume, USB port, and voice recorder. Everything comes in a carry box making for easy transport and storage.

  • Age: 12 months and above
  • Product Weight: 2.26kg
  • Assembled Product Dimensions 120cm x 120cm x 1cm
  • Package Dimensions 67cm x 63cm x 5.8cm