Snazzy Baby Travel Chair Makes Travel Easy

Skye has just returned from 8 nights in Phuket and 4 nights in Kuala Lumpur with her beautiful 8 month old Daughter, Olivia. My Baby’s Own Deluxe Travel Chair - Click here to view in our store Skye was chosen as the lucky Travel with Tots reader reviewer to test out the nifty little ‘Travel Chair’ by Snazzy Baby. Here is Skye’s review: From the moment I took my new Snazzy Baby Travel Chair out of the box I was impressed with it. By the end of my two week overseas holiday with it, I love it! My immediate thought when I took it out of the box was wow, this is so small and light. I quickly worked out that I could wear the folded chair around my waist and it was no more obtrusive than a regular bumbag, and I could even squeeze into the pouch a spoon, bib and small bottle of baby food, leaving me hands free to carry the baby! My daughter was 8 months old when we left for a holiday in Thailand and Malaysia. Before receiving the Snazzy Baby Travel Chair my plan, if there were ever no high chairs available, was to just feed her in her pram. What I hadn’t counted on was that my really good eater who never wasted a drop, would not eat so much in a tropical climate, and in the process become a much messier eater as she protested being fed. With just a wipe of a baby wipe, the Snazzy Baby Travel Chair was clean. I never would have gotten the stroller clean ever again! I also had confidence in the chair to keep her safe and secure even as my daughter squirmed and struggled. The Snazzy Baby Travel Chair was so easy to use, I was able to set my daughter up by myself. Just one quick snap around the back of a chair, then four easy buckles around the baby. When I first pulled it out of it’s pouch, I was worried I would never get it to fit back in. But that was as simple as just rolling it up, a toddler could do it! Then, because it was so small, it took next to no space in the nappy bag, or the bottom of the stroller, or just hung off the side for quick access. By the end of our two weeks away, whether we were in a market or a busy modern shopping mall food court, we would use our Snazzy Baby Travel Chair out of sheer laziness of finding a spare high chair, this was just way too convenient! Fellow patrons and the wait staff were all curious and impressed at the ease of which it was to set up. The Snazzy Baby Travel chair will now have a permanent home in my nappy bag, ready to be used at any given moment. Whether you are going on holiday or not, I can highly recommend the Snazzy Baby Travel Chair as a worthwhile investment, I can see us using this chair for a long time to come. My Baby’s Own Deluxe Travel Chair - Click here to view in our store Thanks for participating Skye and for your great review. We are really pleased you found the Snazzy baby Travel Chair such a useful item when travelling. We think its an essential for us parents on the go! Our thanks go out to Travel With Tots for this excellent review. The original article can be viewed here.