How To Simplify Travel Check Lists

How to Simplify Travel Check Lists

You’ve decided to go away on holiday with your baby and feel excited the bookings are made. You type in Baby Travel Checklists on Google and confusion strikes hard – how on earth can you decide which is the right list to use?

Our team knows firsthand how it feels when you first embark on this exciting adventure so we have compiled a great checklist ‘101 Reminders for Travelling with your Baby’  which you can download by going to or and click ‘buy’ on the home page. This will take you to the checklist.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Place your list in a prominent place in your kitchen so you can add or subtract from it before starting to pack
  • Start to pack a few days before you travel. As you think of new items place them on a table to then you can consider if you really need them or can swap the item with another on your list.
  • Use a diaper bag with a waterproof lining and a shoulder strap.
  • Be prepared for leaky diapers and baby spit-up on the plane: Tuck an extra outfit or two for your baby – and an extra shirt for you – into your carry-on bag.
  • Prevent leaks by packing medicines and toiletries in resealable plastic bags.
  • Pack each of your baby’s outfits in its own zipped plastic bag so you are organised for each change.
  • Take your camera, battery charger, and an extra memory card.
  • Take the phone number for your baby’s healthcare provider in case you have questions while you’re on the road.
  • Zip lock bags are great for laundry detergents plus pack spares as you will need them!

For yourself don’t forget these vital items:

  • Cash /credit cards/debit/ATM cards (make sure these work where you’re visiting)
  • Passports
  • Drivers’ license
  • Consent letter from non-traveling parent if traveling solo
  • Photocopies of passport & drivers’ licence – packed separately, in case ID is lost or stolen
  • Calling card & number for out-of-country calls
  • Health & travel insurance documents
  • Vaccination documents if needed
  • Address/phone book
  • Trip itinerary and a separate copy
  • Airplane tickets, or confirmation number for e-ticket
  • Hotel and/or car reservation numbers
  • Sunglasses

And in your toiletries include nail clippers, tweezers, lip balm, ear plugs, sun screen and insect repellent!

Remember to go to to access your ‘ 101  Reminders for Travelling with your Baby’ . It will cost you only $1.00 and we help you on your travels by giving you a gift of a  $10.00 voucher to apply to our multi award winning My Baby’s Own Deluxe Travel Chair which you simply do not want to leave home without!

Please go to or if you would like further information or to read the Instruction Manual. You can click ‘buy ‘at top of home page to access our popular and FREE  Travel Check Lists.

How to Simplify Travel Check Lists:


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