Avoid This Embarrassing Airport Moment!

go handless when travellingHave you ever feared being turned away at the airport or had your things confiscated?

Some airlines will take the stroller off you at check-in and not allow you to hand it in at the Departure Gate.

Rules change depending on where you are in the world but in Australia, airport staff are not allowed to touch your baby.

This means they can’t help you through security checks. You do need to be able to be hands free once you hand your pram/stroller in.

Take a sling or baby carrier to get you around the airport at both ends and take control of your flying traveling experience


Why Is Crawling So Difficult Nowadays?

baby crawling kissed by mumIn the mid 1990’s paediatricians from many other countries started to encourage parents to put their babies to sleep on their backs to help prevent sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

This has led to a very dramatic decrease in the incidence of SIDS. While no-one is disputing the wonderful success of lying babies on their backs to sleep there are several studies which indicate this is causing a number of children to achieve their motor milestones later or they bypass them altogether.


This is because the lack of time on their tummies doesn’t allow babies to develop their upper bodies enough for the classic hands-and-knees crawl.

Some children will only crawl for a short period of time, crawl in an unusual style or skip this milestone completely. This raises the question:

“Is crawling really that important?”


The answer is, “Yes.”


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