How To Have A Great First Aid Kit When Traveling:

 How To Have A Great first Aid Kit When Traveling

Being prepared  for emergencies is really important and especially when you travel with little ones. There are numerous First Aid Kits available and it can be very confusing deciding what you really need. I’m going to show you what I carry when travelling and in my motor vehicle and hopefully you’ll find it good too. It comes from years of nursing and use when I’ve been the only person prepared with a First Aid Kit

 The kit I’m carrying at present is a St John Ambulance Patch n Go kit which is for minor injuries. I really like its easy to use compartments,  it is also very compact and light weight. It has a range of items you may need including great scissors and tweezers. If you’re flying you must remember to place your First Aid Kit in your checked luggage if it has scissors.

When you look for a kit, check it has enough band aids, bandages, tape, gauze swabs or cotton balls. This kit is great as it also includes a space blanket to keep your patient from losing body heat.

I also add in –

  • a digital thermometer which you can use under your baby’s arm
  • a crepe bandage – great if you live in Australia and you need to bandage a limb after snake bite – but also useful in most situations!
  • A pain reliever usually containing paracetamol or ibuprofen for lowering pain and fever. Always follow the dosage instructions.
  • An antiseptic cream or solution such as Betadine
  • A hydrocortisone cream, I prefer 1% which works wonders for insect bites, rashes, sunburn and allergic reactions and eliminates the need for an anti-histamine cream
  • Rehydration sachets – marvellous in case of vomiting and diarrhoea
  • Zip lock bag with cotton buds and cotton balls if they are not provided in the kit

Prescription medicines

If your child is taking prescription medicines, take enough to last the whole holiday

This First Aid Kit has worked well for my family, it is quite simple but has enough in it to help in an emergency. We would love to hear what you have found an  ‘ essential ‘on your travels. Please comment so we can all benefit or email me at and I’ll publish your suggestions.

Please go to or if you would like further information or to read the Instruction Manual. You can click ‘buy ‘at top of home page to access our popular and FREE Travel Check Lists.

How To Have A Great First Aid Kit When Traveling:


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