Narelle Keen, Broken Hill, New South Wales

We got our Combo Carrier a couple of weeks ago and it is fabulous. Our 7 month old son loves it, he is so happy when he is in it and even when he is tired he is happy in it. It converts really easily into a high chair which is really useful when we visit Nana and our friends. He really enjoys sitting up and watching everything that is going on. For us it feels great, nowhere near as confining and cumbersome as some of the others we have used which wraps us up so tightly we can barely breathe, and leave you incredibly hot. He is also enjoying wearing his Snazzy Knee Pads which saves his little knees and saves money for me! ( No wear and tear on his pants ) All in all he is one Snazzy Baby! The only complaint I have is the fact that I spent all our money on other carriers and trolley stuff when we should have got the Combo Carrier first.


Cath Brosnan, Varsity Lakes, Queensland

I have been a fan of your products since I met your Company at the Pregnancy,Babies & Childrens Expo in Brisbane! I particularly love your Snazzy Baby Knee Pads. My son Charlie has used them since he started crawling a couple of months ago. We recently lost one of the knee pads while on holidays, and about 2 weeks later he developed very painful carpet/tile burns from being without his knee pads. Thank you for sending another pair so promptly after I contacted you. I was very impressed with the original knee pads however I must say your new, improved knee pads are absolutely outstanding! They are so incredibly flexible and allow my son Charlie to do any kind of movement without feeling restricted.He seems so comfortable in them & his confidence is back now that he has protection back on his knees. He is playing and crawling as if he is not even wearing them! Thanks for producing such a great quality product which I am sure Charlie will benefit from for years to come! I would recommend them to friends and family without hesitation.


Melissa Joan Hart, USA

Thank you for the goodies for Braydon’s 1st birthday. I can’t wait to try the seat since he is such a wiggle worm these days! Everything is great and we are enjoying all the products!- Love, Melissa and company- Quote courtesy of CelebrityChitt.Com

Rebecca Ollerenshaw, Sydney, Australia

Hi thank you very much for knee pads I find them extremely help full and my daughter loves them it gives me great piece of mind knowing that my little one’s knees will no longer be sore! I’m so pleased with the product that I have also passed on the info about your products including your website to a few of my friends with babies!!!! once again thank you so much!


Charlotte Bramanis, Leeming, Australia

What a great product – Thomas loves being a ‘big boy’ and sitting at the table with us when we go out – I love that it is so small and lightweight it fits in the nappy bag and I forget it’s there right up until I get somewhere and they don’t have highchairs (common in WA!). It has been a Godsend on many an occasion, even if we just go to a friends house. Thank you for coming up with such an ingenious idea, I recommend it to anyone. (and I mean every word!)


Sarah Glacel , Arlington, USA

Hi Cyndy! I definitely think that this carrier is easier to use than the older model. The colored tabs are especially helpful, as with my daughter squirming around I have to find the right buckles quickly. After just a couple times putting it on I was able to do it really quickly. I like the velcro on the front part as well, as it was a lot faster to get the buckle that goes through the front on. I also think it looks nicer (although I liked the look of the older model as well). We will definitely use this one more as a carrier, while we relied on the older one more as a travel high chair. Our daughter seems to really like it as well. As we were walking around “Babies R Us” this weekend (with my husband carrying our daughter in it), a woman saw us, turned to her husband and said “I want that.” So, clearly both my husband and the baby looked comfortable!