How To Do Tummy Time With Your Baby

Tummy time is good for babies as it strengthens neck, shoulder, back and arm muscles. Your baby can also see the world from all angles which helps brain development. Tummy time also prevents ‘flat head’.

When your new baby comes home start tummy time. A few minutes lying tummy to tummy with you or holding your baby on your shoulder or on your chest is all that is necessary. Do it 3 times a day. Your baby may be a little unsettled at first but he’ll soon work out the simple pleasure of it.

When your baby is a little older you can place him on a mat on the floor and place a rolled up towel under his armpits.  If he is propped up on his elbows he will be able to lift his head quite easily.

Your baby loves to watch your face so get down to his level and interact with him – grab a toy  and play with him or sing to him.

Never leave your baby alone or unsupervised on his tummy as he may fall asleep or his airways could get covered.

How To Do Tummy Time With Your Baby:
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