How To Travel Easily With Your 18mth Old To 3 Year Old Child

Now the fun begins when you travel with your older child, however it is not impossible to have a calm journey

Here are my top tips for traveling with a baby or toddler, most of them were learned the hard way.

  1. Pack several small toys and books that your child hasn’t seen before. Small books with lift-the-flaps or touch-and-feel textures often do the trick.
  2. Come armed with your child’s favorite low-mess snacks. The pureed foods sold in a tube are great for travel – older babies and toddlers can suck them right out of the tube, saving you the trouble of messing with a spoon. Self-serve snack boxes filled with crackers or dried fruit such as raisins are convenient and entertain your child
  3. Fly or drive during naps or at bedtime. Flying with a child is so much easier if the times coincide with sleep times.
  4. Use technology.Today’s world of being able to entertain your child with a favourite TV show or movie is a godsend. I-Pads or portable DVD players will keep your child truly calm.
  5. Dress your child for quick and easy diaper changes. Don’t forget to pack extra comfortable clothing like a onesie with leggings which gives you quick access to the diaper without removing socks, shoes, pants.
  6. When booking plane tickets, if you have a choice between a 30-minute or 90-minute interval between flights, choose 90.You may need more time  to change diapers, stock up on snacks, and play. Get to the gate early and relax.  Wakeful time at the gate can optimize  nap-time on the plane
  7. Feed on take-off and landing.Pressure changes can be so uncomfortable, and babies don’t know how to clear their ears on their own. Sucking and swallowing helps to keep ears clear, which will keep her so much happier. Breastfeeding is so convenient for this. If your child is older a lollypop works really well too.
  8. Arm yourself with baby wipes, plenty of them. You simply can’t protect a baby from germs while traveling. However you will feel better if you’re able to wipe down your tray table and arm rests with a baby wipe. It is impossible to keep her from touching potentially germy surfaces so wash your hands and your child’s hands when possible.

Expect your child to require more of your attention when you are traveling.  Try to prevent crankiness by staying on top of your child’s needs for food, drink, a clean diaper, some time to play, some special attention, and sleep. Have realistic expectations. Don’t try to do too much in one day. Enjoy the happy moments and stay relaxed and it will be easy to roll through the frustrating ones.

What are your favorite tips for traveling with kids? Please share what you have found to work well on your travels

How to travel easily with your 18 month old to 3 year old child:


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