How To Travel Calmly With Your 9 Months To 18 Months Old Baby

By the time your baby is 9 months old, she’s become used to her surroundings and familiar faces. Travel can disrupt her sense of security and routine, especially when visiting an unfamiliar place or meeting lots of strangers. This is total understandable so if you are able to try and keep her eating, sleeping and play in a similar routine to what she is used to you’ll find she soon gets into this the exciting flow of travel.

Before you travel, find out whether your accommodation can be childproofed before you arrive. If not, bring a simple child proofing kit  that includes doorknob covers, plastic outlet covers, and pipe cleaners or twist ties to secure curtains or blinds and electrical cords. Masking or ducting tape provides a quick fix for most danger zones.

Keep your baby or toddler as safe as possible on public transport and keep her secured in a stroller where possible. Make sure you apply the stroller’s brakes whenever you’re riding on or waiting for public transport.

If you’ve purchased a plane seat for your baby or toddler, bring an approved car seat for him to sit in or if you do not have the funds to purchase a seat for your baby on the plane, consider a Snazzy Baby Travel Chair or a CARES harness.

You may be wondering what supplies you will need for your older baby? Here are some tips to consider –

  • If she has a favourite toy, consider buying a duplicate. That way if one goes astray, your trip isn’t ruined
  • Pack your baby mobile or night light if they are portable as they are a comfort to your child in an unfamiliar room
  • Check if your travel accommodation has a travel cot or safe bedding for your child
  • Take along a couple of favourite books or toys. We found small stacker cups brilliant as they can double up as bath toys

How to travel calmly with your 9 month to 18 month old baby:


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