How To Stop Your Baby Crying

Try some of the following ways to comfort your baby:

  • If you are breastfeeding let your baby suckle at your breast.
  • If you’re bottle feeding, give your baby a dummy or pacifier. Some babies find their thumb instead and this is fine too.
  • Hold your baby or put them in a sling or baby carrier so that they’re close to you. Move about gently, sway and dance, talk to them and sing.
  • Rock your baby backwards and forwards in the pram, or go out for a walk or a drive. Lots of babies like to sleep in cars. Even if they wake up again when you stop, at least you’ll have had a break.
  • Play music or use a mobile above the cot to distract your baby.
  • Try stroking your baby’s back firmly and rhythmically, holding them against you or lying face downwards on your lap. You could also undress your baby and massage them with baby oil, gently and firmly.
  • Try a warm bath. This often calms  babies instantly though with some it does not work.
  • You’ll find the magic formula and use it time and again in these trying situations!

How To Stop Your Baby Crying:

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