How To Prepare For Traveling With Your Baby

The thought of traveling with your young child can be very daunting especially if your baby is a newborn. We all have stories to tell of that first ever trip when you bring your baby home from the hospital on that first journey when you’re so terrified with every bump on the road  you encounter and your husband or partner drives so slowly!

Fortunately, the second time is better and so it is with traveling with your baby This video series will give you simple hints and ideas on how to make sure every trip works well.

You may be wondering when is your baby old enough to travel?  This was of major concern to me as my Mum was very ill just after my son was born. He first travelled at age 10 weeks on a 3 hour flight to New Zealand. Most airlines allow travel within 7 days of birth however you may need to get medical clearance. After seven days you should not require medical clearance.

Young babies usually make good travellers if they feel cuddled and secure and are feeding regularly. The movement and activity often helps them sleep, too!  Like many parents, you probably don’t want to go anywhere except home with your new baby as she  needs lots of attention and feeds, so travelling long distances or the thought of  going on holiday can be difficult to get your head around.  And you may be feeling exhausted. But enjoyable travel is possible.

However, you may want to think twice before embarking on any long journeys if your baby has colic, is tongue tied, or you are feeling overwhelmed with being a new parent.  If you feel you don’t yet have a moment to spare between feeding and changing your baby, perhaps wait a few weeks until you are feeling more settled. Of course if it is a family emergency you will need to go and it is a very good idea to check out the procedures required to get an urgent passport for your newborn so in the unlikely event you will require an emergency overseas trip, you will be less anxious by being informed.

Start thinking about check lists too of what you will need for your baby.

How To Prepare For Traveling With Your Baby:

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