How To Play With Babies 1 to 2 Years Old

How To Play With Babies 1 to 2 Years Old:

Your baby loves experimenting by throwing, dropping or shaking toys against a surface. Crashing two objects together reinforces the concept of cause and effect: If your baby hits them hard, they make a loud noise; if he hits them lightly, a soft noise.

Fill a bottom kitchen drawer with toys and household objects  such as pots and wooden spoons that your baby can safely beat and batter.

Your baby will repeatedly drop things from his high chair-  a spoon,  bottle, or  sippy cup — and squeal with delight when you fetch the objects…again and again.

This exasperating game  helps reinforce the concepts of object permanence and cause and effect — when your baby sends his sippy cup to the floor, it doesn’t disappear but bounces and rolls across the kitchen floor. It also teaches him about gravity — what goes up must come down — and he realizes that he can make an impact and get your attention.

Make sure you have unbreakable items handy.

Bath time is perfect for filling and dumping which enhances hand-eye coordination.

Add toy cups or a plastic  bottle to the tub so your child can fill and pour. Cardboard boxes are another boon — babies can fill and empty them over and over again.
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