How Newborn Babies Learn From a Rattle

How Newborn Babies Learn From a Rattle:

The classic first toy a baby receives, a rattle gets your baby’s attention when shaken.

Your baby can see a rattle’s bright colors, feel its smooth or knobbly texture, hear its clinking sound, and mouth it. A rattle also teaches about cause and effect – if your baby shakes it, the toy makes a sound — giving him the thrill of realizing he can make things happen.

The best rattles allow your baby to connect the sound to sight. Bright colours are best.

Hold the rattle 15 to 30 cm  from your newborn’s face which is  the distance at which he sees best — and slowly move the toy back and forth. This technique helps develop eye coordination. Then shake the toy at various points in your baby’s line of sight so he can track its sound. He’ll also enjoy the novelty of hearing the tinkling from different angles. You can place your baby’s  fingers around a rattle and help him shake it.

But until he’s about 3 months old, he won’t be able to hold it for more than a few seconds. He will grab it with both hands which helps to develop both sides of his brain.

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