How To Interpret Your Baby’s Cry

All babies cry, and some cry a lot. Crying is your baby’s way of telling you they need comfort and care. Sometimes it’s easy to work out what they want, and sometimes it isn’t.

The most common reasons are:

  • hunger
  • a dirty or wet nappy
  • tiredness
  • wanting a cuddle
  • wind
  • being too hot or too cold
  • boredom
  • overstimulation

It can be exhausting if you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to comfort your baby and they are crying excessively

This can be a sign that your baby has colic.. The crying sounds miserable and distressed, and stops for a moment or two, then starts up again, which suggests it could be caused by waves of stomach pain. Speak with your doctor for medication advice.

Crying may be also be  a sign of illness.

Listen for sudden changes in the pattern or sound of your baby’s crying. Often, there’ll be a simple explanation. For example, if you’ve been going out more than usual your baby might be overtired.

If your baby has  other symptoms, such as a high temperature, or seems floppy when you pick him up, or has a rash he may have an illness.  If this is the case, contact your doctor.

How To Interpret Your Baby’s Cry:

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