How To Help Your Baby’s Development – 8 to 12 months

Here are a few simple things you can do to help your baby’s development:

  • Your baby is interested in conversation, so talk about everyday things, like what you’re doing, This will help him understand what words mean. The more talk the better.
  • By responding  to your baby’s babbling,  his language, communication and literacy skills develop and make him  feel  loved and valued. Your baby will enjoy hearing your voice and its tones and love watching your facial expressions as you talk.
  • At this age, your baby especially enjoys social play and loves copying what you do .Sing songs, play peekaboo and make funny sounds. He will  feel loved and secure and surprise you with what he can do.
  • Reading and telling stories develop your baby’s imagination and lays down the foundations of language.
  • Moving and exploring helps your baby develop posture and build muscle strength gearing him up for more complex movements like crawling, pulling himself up to stand and walking.
  • If you haven’t baby proofed your home it is essential to do it now.

How To Help Your Baby’s Development – 8 to 12 months:
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