How To Establish A Routine With Your Newborn Baby

With a newborn, be flexible about when your baby sleeps and feeds. Many baby health experts believe that, when it feels right for you, it is good to begin doing things in a similar order each day – feed, play, sleep.

When your baby wakes up:

  • Offer a feed.
  • Change your baby’s nappy.
  • Take time for talk and play.
  • Put your baby back down for sleep.

At night-time, you might choose not to play and instead re-settle your baby straight back to sleep.

Newborns need your help when they’re unsettled. If they’ve been fed in the last two hours, cuddling and comfort works wonders. You could also try topping your baby up with a feed to help send your baby to sleep.

Playtime for young babies might be a cuddle or time stretching on a blanket or doing tummy time by lying your baby on your tummy with their tummy next to yours. Little babies do get tired quickly.

Keeping your baby awake all day won’t help your baby sleep better at night. Daytime sleep is important, however don’t let them sleep more than four hours at a time during the day After that, babies need to feed.

How To Establish a Routine With Your Newborn Baby:


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