How To Establish A Bedtime Routine With Your Baby

Generally your baby will be around three months old before you can introduce a bedtime routine. Getting them into a simple but soothing routine can be helpful for everyone and help prevent sleeping problems later on.

It’s also great one-to-one time with your baby. The routine could consist of:

  • having a bath
  • changing into a fresh nappy  and night clothes
  • brushing their teeth (if they have any!)
  • putting to bed
  • reading a bedtime story
  • dimming the lights in the room to create a calm atmosphere
  • giving a goodnight kiss and cuddle
  • singing a lullaby or having a wind-up musical mobile that you can turn on when you’ve put your baby to bed. – this was magical for us!

Leave the room while your baby is still awake, happy and relaxed and they will learn how to fall asleep on their own in their cot.

Try to avoid getting them to sleep by rocking or cuddling them in your arms. If they get used to falling asleep in your arms, they may need nursing back to sleep if they wake up again.

As your child gets older, try to keep to a similar bedtime routine. Spend some time winding down and doing calmer activities, like reading as too much excitement and stimulation can be disastrous.

How To Establish A Bedtime Routine With Your Baby:
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