How To Encourage Crawling With Your Baby

Most babies learn to crawl between 6 – 14 months. It typically occurs after your baby has been able to sit well unsupported  around 5 – 7 months. However some babies never crawl, instead opting for bottom shuffling, creeping on their stomachs, or developing a ‘duck-waddle’, which causes unnecessary strain  on their lower back ligaments.

All babies need to have ‘ tummy time ‘ .  They spend a lot of time lying  on their backs and they are frequently kept upright in the life we lead today – in car seats, baby carriers,  bouncers,  prams and strollers, which means that unless you do ‘ tummy time ‘  with your baby, it may lead to a  delay  in the development  of his gross motor skills.

Get  down on your hands and knees and crawl across the room. This is a great opportunity to understand how difficult crawling may be for your baby and especially if your floors are hardwood, tiles, or slate.

Your baby will love seeing you on the floor so place him next to you so he can learn and enjoy the closeness. Sometimes you may need to position your baby in a crawling position.

If he bottom shuffles or crawls backwards  show him what to do. You can create a game by placing a toy in front of you both and crawling towards it.

Make sure you give  lots of praise !

How To Encourage Crawling With Your Baby:
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