Is Crawling Really That Important For Your Baby?

  • Crawling strengthens the trunk, shoulders and hand muscles.
  • It is the mechanics of crawling which stimulates different areas of the brain that are important for future learning.
  • When an infant crawls, he visually determines where he wants to go and physically moves in that direction. This is the first test of hand/eye coordination the  skill set  used later in life for reading, writing and sports activities.
  • The eyes also benefit strongly from crawling as binocular vision is developed during crawling.  This involves training the eyes to look off into the distance and then back at the hands while crawling.
  • Crawling is also a cross lateral movement which strengthens both the left and right side of the brain. This allows increased communication between the two sides of the brain enhancing learning and brain co-ordination.

If a child doesn’t crawl properly  or goes straight to coasting and walking they can  sacrifice later mental and physical sharpness –Difficulty in learning to read, doing movements in sport and even social skills can be problems if the child does not master the cross-crawl.

Is Crawling Really That Important For Your Baby:
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