Your Baby’s Development – Birth To 4 Months

Babies can respond to sights and sounds from an early age. Reacting to loud noises is all part of development. You can help your child learn by holding them close, making eye contact and talking to them. Even making baby noises will teach your baby how to listen, the importance of words and taking turns in a conversation.

  • At birth: babies can’t support their head unaided. They close their hands involuntarily in the grasp reflex and startle at sudden loud noises.
  • At four weeks: babies can focus on a face and might respond to a noise in some way by being startled, crying or  going quiet. They can follow an object moved in an arc about 15 cm above their faces until it’s straight ahead.
  • At six weeks: babies might start to smile at familiar faces. They start to coo.
  • At 12 weeks: babies can lie on their tummies with their heads held up looking around. They can also wave a rattle, and they start to play with their own fingers and toes.
  • At 16 weeks Your baby will start to reach out for objects as their muscles develop.

Your Baby’s Development – Birth To 4 Months:
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