Your Baby’s Development – 8 to 12 months

Healthy babies who have plenty of love and attention develop new skills in a completely natural and continually surprising way. So much development takes place in the first 12 months every day is different and an amazing process for parents.

Babies grow and develop at very different rates – and often don’t comply with what parenting textbooks say they should be doing! At this time your instincts kick in strongly and you’ll recognise that if your baby is eating well, sleeping well and is happy when he is awake than he is perfectly fine.

From Eight to twelve months: Your baby’s ability to experience different emotions and moods has developed a lot. They are able to entertain  themselves with familiar objects and people. They will be getting ready to crawl and walk, and will be able to move away from things that upset or annoy them.  They will deliberately use their hands to pick up things and drop them. They can work out what’s upside down and what is  the right way around. They will begin to understand simple expressions such as ‘ Where is daddy? ‘  ‘Where’s the dog or the cat?’ and ‘Pass it to me’, and will begin using gestures to communicate what they want.

Your Baby’s Development – 8 to 12 months:
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