How To Always Have A Seat For Your Baby When Traveling


Thank you for your requests for a quick video to show you the easy benefits of carrying our multi award winning, My Baby’s Own Deluxe Travel Chair in your diaper bag when you’re on the go.

Great products evolve from necessity and this is how the travel chair was developed as I had to travel many times overseas with my baby son while my Mom was very ill and each time was a nightmare when flying as there was nothing to secure him to me. I was terrified I would fall asleep and he would land on the floor of the plane.

Travel Chair is designed to be easy – easy to remove from its attached bag and easy to shuff it back in when you’re finished with it.

In 30 seconds or less you can have a seat for your baby on virtually any chair, indoors or outside. Or use it on a shopping cart to keep your baby secure while you are shopping.

Place the Travel Chair on a seat and secure the long chair strap around the chair. Sit your baby on the travel chair and pull it up and while keeping a firm grip on your baby, secure the shoulder straps and then the side straps and you’re all set.

To use the Travel Chair as a lap seat simply place the chair seat strap around your waist, sit on a chair and sit your baby on the Travel Chair and pull it up and secure the straps. This is perfect for hands free holding or feeding or while you are flying – on the cruising portion of flights.

The Travel Chair can be used right up until your child is 17 kilos or 38lbs in weight or around 2 to 2.5 years.

Please go to or if you would like further information or to read the Instruction Manual. You can click ‘buy ‘at top of home page to access our popular and FREE  Travel Check Lists.

How to always have a seat for your baby when traveling steps:


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